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Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lloyd Eash, the founder of Horsing Around Again and Partners in 2007. I care, respect, and love all animals, but horses are really my passion. I grew up with them and I see myself as having a spiritual connection. I have been training saddle horses since 1975, and shoeing and trimming hooves since 1987. 

Over the years I heard a lot of myths and seen people react to those myths. Because of my exposure to many horses in various elements, natural and man-made, I found a real need to bring awareness to the public that a horse is more than just entertainment and transportation. They, as humans, have requirements to be happy and healthy. Making known the importance of nutrition and physical needs is where I will focus. 

When coming across a perplexing situation and not finding data that satisfied my "horse sense" - and being a person that has to know - I did my own research. It can get pretty intense and time consuming... but I still had to know the truth... What, Why, When, and the most important to me.

Knowing there is more to a body than what I see, the anatomy and composition I took a 2-year veterinarian study correspondence in 1982 to better comprehend what makes a horse a horse. In 1987 I was certified as a Farrier by the Michigan School of Farrier. In 1984 I studied animal nutrition at Mankato, MN through Hubbard Feeds, and am still researching this today.

In 1998 I started to work with problem horses, balking - to shy away or cringe - from a certain culture that uses them as transportation and work. Studies have shown that if they have pain, or they do not know what you are asking of them in training, they will not move, or sometimes will throw themselves on the ground. I could not see anything visually wrong, so I dug deeper into the cause of these actions.

I ran across a study on gastric ulcers in horses due to excess acid and was very surprised at the number suffering from this condition. This study explained horses were created naturally by God to graze, which is a constant chewing and swallowing of roughage such as grasses, which produces saliva, and saliva dilutes the acidic acids. Roughage is an absorbent of these acids in the stomach, which will continue to produce weather it is eating or not. The roughage is needed to absorb these and grazing will provide this. If consistently allowed to graze the diluted acidic juices are absorbed into the roughage which is purged naturally. This natural process can also reduce or eliminate the likelihood
 of colic.  

But more recently, Dr. Jennifer Nadeau from UNC did research on what she has identified it as EGUS, Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome in 2011. Her research states many risk factors, but Fasting, Forage Feeding, and Water Intake are the three I will address. Not only did I already know those were problem areas, but I knew I had the knowledge and capability needed to bring about a change.

Since most horses, or stock animals, have been removed from their natural habitat to areas that do not allow grazing, we have created the Grazing Hay Feeder and the ProStar Heated Livestock Water Tanks to replace it.

Horsing Around Again & Partners L.L.C. is family-owned and operated right here in Shipshewana, IN. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  


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