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 Q: Why should I heat the water my animals drinks? 

A: According to Dr. Susan Kerr, WSU-Klickitat County Extension Director at Oregon State University 

The necessity of a clean and reliable year-round source of water cannot be overemphasized. Novice managers often mistakenly believe that animals can meet water requirements by eating snow or licking ice. With daily water requirements varying from three gallons (sheep) to 14 gallons (cattle), one can see that livestock would need to spend every waking hour eating snow to meet their requirements. Ice and snow consumption also lowers body temperature and increases maintenance energy needs, so it should be discouraged.

Water consumption is encouraged when water temperature is 37°F or above. Tank heaters may be required to ensure that water sources do not freeze. Be sure to follow manufacturers’ recommendations to prevent fires and electric shocks or electrocution of livestock. If heaters are not used, unfrozen water should be provided several times a day. Ensuring adequate water intake will encourage optimal health and performance of livestock and help prevent serious conditions such as colic and impaction.
Q: What size stock are your tanks suited for?

A: Because our water tanks are available in various sizes, the list is endless to what size stock we can serve
 Q: How much LP gas does the ProStar tank use?

A: I live in Northern Indiana and according to Purdue University Indiana State Climate Office (Iclimate.org) the mean temperature for December thru February is 29.2 degrees. My average LP use has been 80lbs per tank per winter.

Q: If I get a larger tank will it take a lot more LP to heat?

A. Our largest tank averages about 100 lbs. per winter using the single burner in Northern Indiana. Of course if you live in colder climate the average 
will be  more.
Q: Can I use a 20 lb. LP tank?

A: Yes. You can use any size LP tank you desire. 

Q: How high should I set my flame?

A: You can check the ProStar manual for recommendations on the PSI settings. It can be downloaded from our web site located under “Product”s.

Q: Can I bury an underground water line and it hook it up to my tank for trouble-free filling?

A: Yes. This can be done using a float. There are two holes in the bottom each tank. Both can used for draining, or one for draining and one for this purpose.

Q: Will this tank hold up to my draft horses?

A: The ProStar tank is made of 14 gauge powder coating steel. Most galvanized tanks are made of 20 to 22 gauge steel.

Q: Is this tank movable?

A: Yes. Simply by using the build in fork lift brackets located on the bottom of the tank, it can be moved easily and safely from one area to another as often as needed.